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Incident Report: Intoxicated student tries to buy book

Mason Smith and Mason Smith

February 9, 2010

Feb. 2 Security was notified by an instructor that there was an intoxicated student at 1 p.m. on East Campus. On arrival, the security noticed the student was having difficulty walking and keeping his eyes open. When the suspect...

Incident report: Book thieves, toppled trees

Mason Smith and Mason Smith

February 8, 2010

Jan. 5 A custodian notified security that several individuals were seen stealing cases of drinks off the loading dock of the Campus Center at 8:15 p.m. The suspects fled on foot, and cases of water, Gatorade and green tea...

Column – Another scare technique we shouldn’t buy

Cody Bashore and Cody Bashore

February 5, 2010

Lock your doors everyone, because the streets of Santa Barbara are now filled with freed criminals. The county recently released 22 inmates from their jail and another 49 from the alternative sentencing program. Another 57 inmates either in jail or in an alternative program are ex...

College Vice President gives false information to student government

Jayne Bittner and Jayne Bittner

December 2, 2009

Student senators are reconsidering a skateboard-safety campaign after learning they were provided inaccurate information by a college vice president. Apparently trying to raise awareness about the dangers of skateboarding on...

Incident Report – Security interrupts apparent sex session

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

December 2, 2009

Nov. 12 At 6:30 a.m., a security officer walking up the East Campus stairs to work noticed what appeared to be a couple having sex in the bushes at the top of the stairs. After calling for backup, security arrived and found ...

Editorial – Ending a trashy era

November 18, 2009

In the story of Pinocchio, Pleasure Island was a place where misbehaved and destructive children were lead to believe that they were free to gamble, smoke and get drunk. But little did they know, children who make jackasses of ...

County outlaws alcohol on Isla Vista beaches

Will Mullen and Will Mullen

November 18, 2009

Alcohol is now permanently banned from Isla Vista's beaches and three bluff-top parks, the county Board of Supervisors decided on Nov. 3, replacing the temporary six-month ban enacted as an emergency measure to prevent Floatopia...

Incident report – Student loses it during classroom debate

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

November 18, 2009

Oct. 28 A student filed a theft report against a classmate who she reportedly found wearing one of her three rings that she had earlier lost in class. According to the report, the classmate told the student that she found ...

Incident Report – Injuries abound

Gabriel Cabello

November 9, 2009

Oct. 26 A student reported to security that her phone may have been stolen after she stored it in her front backpack pocket. She had her phone in class, and noticed it was missing afterwards. The phone was visible for others...

Students on campus stalked, slapped, threatened with knives

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

November 4, 2009

Oct. 19 A student reported being stalked on and off campus by a non-City College student. The issue began about a year ago, when the reported stalker originally stated to the student that she was a debt collector. The st...

Incident Report – Security seeing rise in campus punch-outs

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

October 21, 2009

Oct. 7 A student was reportedly assaulted after he poked a fellow student. The offender slapped the student's arm, and when he told her he was only trying to compliment her, she struck him in the arm three more times, accord...

Incident Report – Bus stuck in lower parking lot

Gabriel Cabello

October 13, 2009

Sept. 26 A bus driving Westmont College's soccer team was towed out of the lower campus parking lot next to La Playa Stadium. The driver reportedly reversed up the roadway towards the Life Fitness Center, and the bus got stuck....

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