Students on campus stalked, slapped, threatened with knives

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

Oct. 19

A student reported being stalked on and off campus by a non-City College student.

The issue began about a year ago, when the reported stalker originally stated to the student that she was a debt collector. The student has reportedly been threatened with physical violence.

A student’s pants and phone were taken from his P.E. locker.

The locker was reportedly locked, but the bottom of the locker does not fully close and the items may have been taken through the opening.

A wallet was stolen from the cafeteria after a student left her table to pick up her order. Witnesses said they saw a student sitting at her table before she returned.

The wallet is worth approximately $20.

Oct. 21

A student was verbally threatened by a fellow student, after he bumped the car in front of him on his way to the West Campus exit.

The incident reportedly occurred after the car driving in front of the student abruptly stopped to pick someone up.

A passenger of the vehicle then exited and threatened the student.

A student was slapped by another when he was asked not to smoke, according to the report.

The incident occurred when the smoker became defensive and blew smoke in the face of his reported attacker.

While the smoker said he was slapped in the face, the other student said he only slapped the cigarette out of his hands.

Oct. 22

A student was escorted out of a professor’s office when he refused to leave.

However, the student and a witness both stated that he was only there asking the professor why he had been dropped from class.

The student remained calm, they said, while the professor and a colleague escalated the incident by becoming verbally confrontational.

A student in the surfing class was taken to a lifeguard station, and then a hospital.

She told the instructor she was not feeling well while in the water, and complained of dizziness and blurred vision before paramedics arrived.

A woman reportedly threatened two students with a knife before they were able to drive off to safety.

The woman was being verbally aggressive towards one of the students and kicked the truck they were in, denting it.

Oct. 27

A student was found disassembling his BB gun at a bench on East Campus.

The student was reportedly unaware that bringing a fake firearm to campus violated the student conduct policy. He stated to security that he was only fixing it.

Security informed the student that his actions were dangerous because people could assume it was a real gun and police may perceive hims as a deadly threat.