Incident Report – Security interrupts apparent sex session

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

Nov. 12

At 6:30 a.m., a security officer walking up the East Campus stairs to work noticed what appeared to be a couple having sex in the bushes at the top of the stairs. After calling for backup, security arrived and found a Hispanic man in the bushes. While security questioned the man, another male came out of the bushes. Both agreed to leave campus.

An instructor reportedly fell outside her office in the Humanities Building when her foot caught the leg of a chair located just outside her door. She landed on her left knee, causing pain and swelling. When she stood up, she felt nauseous and said she felt pain in her neck when ambulance arrived.

A student’s cell phone was reportedly stolen when she got up to pay for her coffee at the library. The student was sitting at a computer near the coffee cart, and when she returned to her seat the phone was missing. It was an iPhone with a black case with an estimated value of over $200.

Nov. 23
Money was reportedly stolen from an instructor’s office in the BC Building. The instructor left $40 in an envelope on the desk and $25 was in a cash box. The money was last seen on Nov. 20 and was gone when the instructor returned Nov. 23.