Incident Report – Security seeing rise in campus punch-outs

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

Oct. 7

A student was reportedly assaulted after he poked a fellow student. The offender slapped the student’s arm, and when he told her he was only trying to compliment her, she struck him in the arm three more times, according to the report.

Oct. 9

A student was found unconscious on the bridge around 7 p.m. The student had an injury to his head and when he regained consciousness, he complained of pain in his left shoulder. The victim had a skateboard near him and was possibly injured in a skateboarding accident.

A driver attempting to exit out of East Campus on Cliff Drive struck a car heading eastbound, forcing the car to spin backwards into the opposite lane and collide into an MTD bus heading west. The car driver did not suffer any injuries. However, the driver of the other car, the bus driver and a bus passenger each complained of neck pains, the report said.

A man being loud and disruptive entered an EOPS staff member’s office without permission. Because the staff member was away at the time, staff members nearby asked if they could assist him and later asked him to leave. When security arrived, the man was standing at the counseling counter reportedly speaking in a loud, agitated voice. The man left the building and security followed the man for questioning. They discovered he was a student and got his name. When the student began directing profanities and making threats, security asked him to leave campus.

Oct. 11

A woman called security regarding a male whose penis was exposed, and said she saw the man masturbating. The incident occurred while the woman was walking her dog by the Henry Bagish Memorial site on West Campus around 4 p.m.

Oct. 13

A student walking near the EBS building was punched twice in the back of the head when a fellow student ran up behind him. When the victim turned around, the offender was fleeing down the stairs towards the P.E. building. The altercation left the victim stunned, but he continued with his activities for the day.

Later in the day, the student saw his attacker standing outside the library. This time the attacker walked up to the student and punched him in the left side of his face. The victim obtained names of three witnesses and plans to file a report with the SBPD.

Oct. 14

A student, reportedly smelling of alcohol, was found bathing himself in a bathroom stall. Security informed him that no bathing was allowed in campus restrooms. When he was asked to leave campus for the day by security, the man complied.

A student was punched in the face at the West Campus parking structure. The victim said his attacker was in a class with him and saw him driving around the structure. The victim suffered a fat lip and a small cut to the inside of his lip.