Editorial – Ending a trashy era

In the story of Pinocchio, Pleasure Island was a place where misbehaved and destructive children were lead to believe that they were free to gamble, smoke and get drunk. But little did they know, children who make jackasses of themselves on this island turn into real donkeys.

Isla Vista has been a real world version of Pleasure Island for decades. And on Nov. 3, the county’s Board of Supervisors approved a permanent ban of alcoholic beverages on beaches below the college town.

Not every resident in I.V. behaves irresponsibly, but those that do have finally ruined it for the rest of us.

Floatopia-a huge social event along the coast mixing young partiers and floating rafts on the ocean­-has drawn thousands of locals and statewide visitors to the beaches, and encouraged overindulgence in alcohol and littering.

It’s no wonder the county said enough is enough and decided to take away one of the counties greatest privilege from its most disrespectful, ungrateful, and immature citizens.

As college students, we complain about our generation suffers the most in this economic crisis and how the cost of living is too high in this area. We should remember that when our peers throw these giant parties and invite thousands of out-of-towners, it’s the local taxpayers dishing out more than half of a million dollars for the policing and cleanup of the festivities.

A few decades ago, it was legal to drink in public in this famous student neighborhood. It proved to be too costly, and one by one the I.V. parks began to ban the drinking of alcohol.

If these college students start behaving like grown-ups, pick up their trash and stop getting in trouble with the law, then maybe the county wouldn’t need to intervene.

But don’t count on that happening anytime soon.

Halloween is by far Isla Vista’s most popular event. It attracts tens of thousands of students, many who don’t live anywhere near the town. It almost becomes a right of passage to experience the I.V. Halloween.

But year after year the scariest part of this holiday is the amount of arrests, alcohol-related accidents and citations that are recorded. An overwhelming support from outside law enforcement is required to handle the masses of irresponsible residents and their visiting friends.

The average student probably hasn’t realized the ban has been passed. But it will become all too real when the next Floatopia comes around, and I.V. partiers find themselves breaking the law.

Only then will we truly appreciate what we have lost, and maybe realize how we’ve turned a once pleasant college beach town into a Pleasure Island that births jackasses.