Incident Report – Bus stuck in lower parking lot

Gabriel Cabello

Sept. 26
A bus driving Westmont College’s soccer team was towed out of the lower campus parking lot next to La Playa Stadium. The driver reportedly reversed up the roadway towards the Life Fitness Center, and the bus got stuck. A tow truck dragged the bus out, which left grooves around 4 inches long.

Sept. 30
A bicycle stolen from a bike rack near the tennis courts at Pershing Park was reported to campus security. The bike, secured with a cable and combination lock, went missing the morning of Sept. 28. A report was also made to the SBPD.

Two computer keyboards and mice were reported stolen from the Earth and Biological Sciences building. The items, valued at $120, were last seen at 9 p.m. the night before.

Oct. 1
A teacher was reportedly worried for her safety after a student disrupted class and took class time by using foul language, asking off-topic questions and acting inappropriately. The incident occurred after the teacher made an announcement to the class, stating that students should sit in desks along the entrance wall if they arrive late to class. The student reportedly took offense and made a loud announcement in front of class that he felt singled out. He began to act out and stayed after class and continued to make inappropriate remarks to the teacher. During the previous class meeting the student arrived late, walked in front of the teacher and the class, only to come in and out of the classroom at least once more before finally leaving.
The student has also been involved in three other incidents reported recently. A separate instructor made a report to security on Sept. 30 when the student disrupted class by yelling, using foul language, and getting out of his seat to read his text book over the instructor’s shoulder. The report also stated that the student met with the instructor during officer hours and attempted to close the office door during the meeting.

Another report was filed when the student called 911 through an emergency phone stating that a security officer directed profanity at him. However, the security officer stated that the incident occurred after she refused to tell the student her name. She had apparently had a run-in a few days before in which he was yelling profanities and throwing his skateboard against benches.

Oct. 7
A bicyclist, reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed, was seriously injured when he collided into a car making a left turn into West Campus. The bicyclist, a non-student, crashed into the passenger side door causing a large dent on the car and severe damage to his bike. The biker was tended to by emergency personnel, and suffered what might be a broken arm and a leg injury. The driver had no visible injuries.