Incident report – Student loses it during classroom debate

Gabriel Cabello and Gabriel Cabello

Oct. 28

A student filed a theft report against a classmate who she reportedly found wearing one of her three rings that she had earlier lost in class.

According to the report, the classmate told the student that she found the rings, and returned the one she was wearing.

But after two weeks of the classmate promising to return the other two rings, the rings were still not returned.

The rings were hand-made by a friend of the student’s family.

Nov. 7

A student “lost it” and kicked a glass display case after a debate began in class, according to the report.

The debate began between many students during a class in the Administration building and reportedly remained civil until a student became angry.

During a class break, the debate continued in the hallway where the student began using profanity and got close to another student’s face. When class resumed, the student left with his belongings.

Nov. 12

A student fell down a ramp near the Sports Pavilion after a known faulty bracket folded in on the student’s walker.

The student reportedly injured an elbow and complained of back pain. After an assessment, a nurse called 911 and the student was taken to the hospital.