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The Channels staff reviews campus dining options

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The Channels decided to review the three main food destinations for students and faculty on City College campus. Each review is the personal opinion of the reporters that attended these restaurants and is based on a five-star rating.


John Dunn Dining Room

Since my first day at City College, I have always wanted to go to the ‘John Dunn Gourmet Dining Room’ located next door to the JSB Café.

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I used to glance in while passing by and it always looked so peaceful and elegant, like the perfect escape in the midst of a hectic week.

The Dining Room is primarily run by students in the Culinary Art Program. Not only do they cook the food being served, they are the waiters and waitresses as well.

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–Elise Bredenberg

JSB Café

The food on campus has been called pricey, unappetizing and even a bit boring.

However, after eating at the JSB Cafe on East Campus I left feeling fully satisfied.

After waiting in line and glancing over the array of foods on the menu, I decided to sample a bit of everything.

I placed my order and was given a number to take to my table. JSB offers inside and outside seating. I made my way to the patio to indulge in my meal and take advantage of the cafe’s atmosphere, which was extremely laid back for the customers and fast-paced for the students working in the kitchen.

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–Angela Ostermeier

Favela – The Burrito Shack

Looking to feast on a budget?

Favela, the burrito shack on campus, is a go-to spot.

The name Favela translates to “a Brazilian shack or shanty town,” and is of Portuguese origin.

Located right outside the East Campus Cafeteria, the little shack is easy to find. There is plenty of seating around it, yet it is not as scenic a location for lunch as the hill on West Campus. I recommend taking an order to go.

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–Megan Randolph

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