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JSB cafe offers students a reprise from cafeteria food

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Antony Marchiando
The California Club is layered with turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, jack cheese, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, mustard and mayo on Sourdough bread, Tuesday, Feb. 24, at City College’s JSB Café on East Campus.

The food on campus has been called pricey, unappetizing and even a bit boring.

However, after eating at the JSB Cafe on East Campus I left feeling fully satisfied.

After waiting in line and glancing over the array of foods on the menu, I decided to sample a bit of everything.

I placed my order and was given a number to take to my table. JSB offers inside and outside seating. I made my way to the patio to indulge in my meal and take advantage of the cafe’s atmosphere, which was extremely laid back for the customers and fast-paced for the students working in the kitchen.

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For this review I sampled the California club, cream of mushroom soup, Kobe burger with a Jack salad, and both the strawberry and mint chocolate chip milkshakes.

A few minutes later, a waitress brought me my first order, the strawberry and mint chocolate chip milkshakes. They were both delicious, just the right amount of milk and ice cream that were blended to perfection. The strawberry was smooth and had chunks of fresh strawberries. The mint chocolate chip was a refreshing delight.

My next dish, the California club, was on its way right after. I was surprised by the large serving of Cajun seasoned fries, as well as the size of the sandwich itself. The club was served on sourdough bread with turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, jack cheese, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, mustard and mayo.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of sprouts so my issue with the club was that there were way too many sprouts on the sandwich. However, the combination of all the other ingredients made for a very tasty meal.

The next thing I sampled was the soup of the day, cream of mushroom, which was served with a side of fresh bread. You definitely get what you ask for here when it comes to an overpowering explosion of mushrooms. I was in love with the flavor, but I do think the lingering taste of mushrooms kind of killed the soup.

Next on the tour of taste was my personal favorite, the Kobe burger. This burger was so juicy and filling that I recommend it to any meat lover. I did substitute the original wheat bun for sourdough and I added avocado, which I believe took it from an enjoyable meal to an outstanding one.

The pride the students put into their food really shows here, and it takes JSB from a school cafeteria to a delectable dining experience.

I finished off my meal on the lighter side by opting for the Jack salad. This garden dish was amplified by adding a few extra ingredients into the mix. The salad contains your basic crisp ingredients, but also included black beans, corn and the ultimate twist––sunflower seeds. The seeds took this fresh feast to a new level.

Overall, it was a real treat to get a taste of the hard work and time the students in the Culinary Program put in. I definitely got my money’s worth, and will absolutely be back for more.

If my experience at the lovely student-run JSB Cafe does not persuade you to take your next meal there, then I can honestly say you will miss out on one of City College’s tastiest hidden gems.

Overall, I give it four out of five stars.

Stars 4

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