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Voices: ‘How physically comfortable do you feel in your classrooms?’

Vanessa Martinez

Jack Davies and Natalie Myking

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One Response to “Voices: ‘How physically comfortable do you feel in your classrooms?’”

  1. Alejandra Jarabo on April 30th, 2018 7:09 pm

    In the Multimedia department, our classes need constant AC to keep classes cooler than normal, to make sure that computers don’t overheat. Surprisingly, the Ac in all our area, including the DAC_LAB, swings in an extreme an unpredictable way. This has happened for years, but keeps on getting worse. Temperature will be stable, and at a certain hour will begin overcooling; we will begin put on every warm item we have in our bags, until the situation becomes unsustainable. Sometimes we have to give breaks, so students and instructor can go outside, to warm up.
    Other days, AC will be extremely low or not functioning, and we will literally drop sweat in the class.
    We already have big industrial fans for those situations, to bring some air from outside. The situation tends to be exasperating, trying to stay relaxed to stand the heat, putting up with the strong extra noise of the huge fans, the computers running really slow, all fans in hardware activating and increasing even more the temperature in the rooms.
    The best of all this is there is no way of predicting what is going to be the situation on any giving day. I have a snow vest, a coat and a blanket in my office. First day of class I tell student to always dress in layers and bring extra sweaters, for if the day tends out to be a freezing day.

    Other day we can talk about our gorgeous, plastic chairs, with no arm rest, that are supposed to hold students for a 5 hour class, meanwhile they work infront of a monitor…

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Voices: ‘How physically comfortable do you feel in your classrooms?’