Fencing set to appear in Sports Pavilion April 18

Christopher Sugarman, Christopher Sugarman, and Christopher Sugarman

Fencing is appearing on April 18 at City College for the SoCal Summer Nationals Qualifying, with male and females of all ages competing throughout the day.

The Southern California division of the United States Fencing Association sponsors the one-day event. Fencers who reach a predetermined level will advance to the summer nationals.

There will be about 150 fencers participating at the Sports Pavilion with a wide range of skill level. The age requirement is 14 and older.

“Fencing is becoming more popular,” fencer Randy Bublitz said. “It’s starting to show up in popular culture and is losing its preppy or elite status.”

Fencing is one of only four sports to be featured in every Olympiad Game and the earliest origins of the sport can be traced back to 1300 AD.

“If you want to be an Olympian, this is where you start the qualifying process,” said Bublitz.

Fencers use three different types of swords when dueling-Foil, Epee, and Saber. The foil scores hits on the main body of the opponent with the tip of the blade. The epee can tally points on the entire body, while the saber can accumulate points only on the opposition’s head and arms with the flat blade and tip.

Fencing matches go to five touches, but will continue past the normal amount of touches until one fencer is ahead by two touches.

Santa Barbara features one fencing club, Presidio Fencing, which is the “home club” of the tournament.

Preregistration closes today.