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Open forum organized to help create a SBCC vision statement

City College is focusing its efforts to create a vision statement to would represent City College, which was one of the first goals made by Superintendent-President Dr. Anthony Beebe when he came to the college.

An open forum took place Thursday and Friday last week at the Fè Bland Forum to gather ideas for the vision statement. The forum consisted of faculty, staff and students who all came together to share what words or phrases resonated most with them.

“You have these incredibly beautiful words and there’s so many of them,” said Priscilla Butler, president of the academic senate, at the end of the discussion.

Beebe organized the meetings to respond to a proposal for a vision statement back in September. City College already has a mission statement, but Beebe said he feels that a vision statement just as important. The results from both of the forums, as well as online submissions, will be used to form a survey that will be sent out to everyone on campus.

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On Thursday, only around five people attended the meeting, but on Friday around 20 people attended.

The Friday forum began with a power point presentation from Butler pulling inspiration from companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Samsung, and CVS. The attendees then formed into groups and come up with their top choices.

“One word we really liked was the word kindle,” said Dylan Raiman, student senate president.

“We felt it was very warm.”

After about 20 minutes, all three groups got together to share their top choices. A few of the other popular words were honor, fulfillment and kinship.

“Kinship among everyone that’s here in the community and throughout the world,” Raiman said.

According to Butler a survey will be in the works and a draft statement will follow that.

“It’s a great thing to do,” said Paul Jarrell, executive vice president.

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