Vaqueros deal crushing blow to Palomar

Terra Inglis, Terra Inglis, and Terra Inglis

The Vaqueros men’s volleyball team crushed Palomar College in four sets on Friday at the Sports Pavilion.

Vaquero Coach Melody Parker was pleased with the team’s intensity.

“You can do great things with team chemistry,” she said, pointing out Tyson Rietz and Chris Newcomb as great team leaders.

In the first set, Justin Conmy and Jim Wielebnicki carried out two ace serves. Rietz and Newcomb dominated the court with two spikes each. Palomar seemed astonished and defensive after the final set score of 30-26.

Mark Hebda and Reitz provided cover with a deliberate rejection of Palomar’s defense in the second set. Newcomb then executed his fourth spike of the night down the opponent’s net.

Hebda banged out two of his trademark wrist-breaking hits, leaving Palomar hopeless for a comeback. Conmy closed out the second set by tipping the ball over the net for the game point.

Palomar put up a good fight, but was no match for the Vaqs strength and determination that led to a 30-26 win in the second set.

“You got to keep stepping it up,” said Rietz, who had three spikes in the first 10 minutes of the third set.

Hungry for victory, Rietz kept the ball in play and ended back-to-back rallies with forceful spikes. He also delivered a memorable play by smashing the ball off of Palomar’s setter, who deflected the ball out of bounds.

Newcomb delivered a surprise attack to the back right court, and Hebda snuck in a spike down the front of the net.

Ending set No. 3 with one last attempt to score, Newcomb, Hebda and Conmy blocked Palomar’s play, but sent the ball out. Palomar took the set with a score of 17-30.

“Every game they were coming back more powerful,” Conmy said, but City College returned to form in the fourth set.

“We were making mistakes, but we just had to bring the energy back up,” Rietz said.

Newcomb got the team started with a tip-shot over the opponents net with the defense unprepared. He combined with Rietz to deliver impressive plays down the centerline.

Hebda returned to the game for a power spike to the outside left. With the opponent slipping and sliding all over the court, Newcomb took a shot at the setter to tie up the match.

Conmy closed out set No. 4, 30-27, after racking up a total of 46 assists. He contributed two slanted spikes down the front of the net in the fourth.

Their next home game is scheduled for 6 p.m. March 13 at the Sports Pavilion.