The board decides to extend the superintendant-president search


Yarrow Hogan, Editor-in-chief

The Board of Trustees announced their decision to extend the superintendent-president search during the Thursday, March 23 meeting.

An email was sent school wide last Monday, by Board of Trustees President Jonathan Abboud stating that the board planned on having a final decision by Friday, March 24. However, in their last meeting, Abboud informed the public of their decision to extend the whole process.

“As promised, I am writing to share with you the results of the liberations with the three finalists for superintendent-president,” Abboud said during the Thursday meeting. “In keeping with our commitment to due diligence and thoughtful decision making, the board has decided to extend the process.” 

From March 15 to 16, a public forum event was held for each of the three current candidates, Erika Endrijonas, Richard Storti and Katrina VanderWoude, in which each was presented with the same set of 12 questions to answer in front of the community.

However, after the forums were held, the board decided they were not yet prepared to choose a candidate.

“Our collective intention is to allow for thorough consideration while completing this process by July 1,” said the president, followed by an expression of gratitude for the community’s patience.

The board will hold another meeting on Thursday, March 30 to further discuss the details of how they will proceed, but no additional information has been given.