COVID-19 update: 373 cases in county, 81 at Lompoc Prison

Trevor West Morgan, Staff Writer

159,5100 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide with 31,456 deaths in the United States, with nearly a third of these deaths in New York City alone as of April 18

Santa Barbara County has reported its third death from the coronavirus; there are 373 confirmed cases in the county, 170 of which have recovered. 

81 of these cases are people incarcerated at the federal prison in Lompoc. 

County officials are determining how they will follow Gov. Gavin Newsom’s guidelines on altering the current stay-at-home order and when such alterations should take place. 

Officials have stated that certain parameters must be in place to allow any easing of restrictions in order to prevent a second wave of the virus. Some of these parameters include certainty that the county’s healthcare system could handle future hospitalizations and changing the infrastructure of schools and other public places to accommodate social distancing and regular sanitization of surfaces. 

City College is continuing to offer a range of support options for students as it moves forward with classes and other functions virtually via Zoom. 

The Well is now offering group meetings virtually such as a positive psychology group, a men’s group, and a single parents’ group. Students are encouraged to check in with The Well for assistance with any issues they have regarding health and wellness. 

Roger Durling’s Film Studies 101 class was subject to another ‘Zoom bombing’ incident on Thursday. This comes after an April 2 incident where several people joined Durling’s class and displayed graphic images and shouted racial slurs.

We are sincerely sorry this happened again,” said Dean of Student Affairs Arturo Rodriguez, “You deserve a safe and peaceful learning and teaching environment, free of disruptions, and we take such matters very seriously.”

Rodriguez confirmed that at least one student in the class is involved since the Zoom meeting’s passwords are only sent to enrolled students.