SBCC announces winners of Faculty Excellence Awards


The awardees for City College’s Faculty Excellence Awards were announced Wednesday afternoon at the Academic Senate.

The Faculty Recognition Committee recommended the six faculty members to receive the awards based on dedication to the college, teaching and students.

“This is a group of really outstanding faculty, and they will be honored this fall,” Academic Senate President Dr. Kimberly Monda said.

The faculty are from a wide range of disciplines, and were nominated for the 2016-17 academic year.

The faculty members who will receive the awards are:

  • Gordon Coburn, department chair of the alcohol and drug counseling department.
  • Anita Cruse, a full-time assistant English skills professor.
  • Tina Foss, a part-time Native American Studies instructor.
  • Denise Harrison, department chair and director for health information technology and cancer information.
  • Diana Musacchio, a part-time graphic design and photography instructor.
  • Gwyer Schuyler, a full-time academic counselor.