SBCC student government to enforce stricter attendance rules


RACHEL BAKICH, Channels Staff

The Student Senate president is cracking down on senator attendance and accountability, as some members have not been showing up to the meetings.

The president will now only accept two unexcused absences from each senator, otherwise they may be terminated from their position. Members must now tell the president or an advisor that they will be absent for a meeting at least 72 hours beforehand.

“People have not been letting me know they were going to be absent,” said President Isaac Eaves. “And that is just not acceptable.”

The 15 out of 18 present senators all seem to agree that attendance is a very key part of their jobs.

“Being here is very important,” said senator Daniella Henao. “Yes, we are very busy but this is our job and we should take it seriously.”

Eaves has been stressing regular attendendance from senators since August.

“That’s just the basis for accountability here,” he said.

However, with the semester coming to an end there is little time to make any changes for the Fall.  

“The major problem here is absences,” said Ben Partee, Dean of Educational Programs. “But it’s not worth it at this point.”

Although it seems too late to improve attendance this semester, the Spring will be a fresh start for the senators.

“I want to focus on next semester since we don’t have a lot time left,” Eaves said.

The next student senate meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 4 in the Campus Center room 223.