SBCC officials to begin year-long search for new president



City College is beginning the daunting search for its new Superintendent-President.

“Somebody asked me to ask Lori, if you have a twin sister,” said Trustee Marty Blum, speaking to Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin at the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday.

After going through the hiring process in 2012, the board has a recent model to rely on. It will choose a search consultant to assist in selecting qualified candidates, as well as create a 16-person Search Committee consisting of City College and community representatives.

“My guess is we’ll have a substantial number of applications, I think last time we had 60 or 70,” said Trustee Dr. Peter Haslund. “And everybody applied, we had one person who was a retired admiral of the Navy and thought that since he could command a ship, ‘what’s the problem?’”

The board is considering search consultant Dr. Eva Conrad of Community College Search Services, who is currently working with City College on another search, as well as another consultant group. The trustees will decide in coming meetings whether they will consider other groups and which group they will work with.

Dr. Marianne Kugler, board of trustees president, worked on the search committee in 2012 and said it was a fascinating experience, however somewhat difficult.

“As a trustee I do not want to read, I think we read 30 resumes at least before we decided who we wanted to interview,” she said. “And it isn’t that much fun.”

The board reviewed a comprehensive list of criteria stating what it is looking for in a Superintendent-President, from its 2012 search. The list includes commitment to shared government processes, excellent communication, innovation and leadership skills and good judgement.

“It’s called ‘Hiring an Exceptional City College President’, which I think we did four years ago,” Blum said. “So now we’ve got to hire another one.”