Student senators debate DC trip


Rachel Bakich, Channels Staff

The Associated Student Government is set to vote on whether or not to take a conference trip to Washington D.C. next Friday.

The trip could cost almost a third of the student senate’s student representative fund, according to senator Bryanna Siguenza.

The National Conference of Student Leadership is held in Washington D.C. from Nov. 19 to the 22.

At the conference, senators hope to represent City College students’ opinions on current elections and bills that have a direct effect on community colleges.

“We want their concerns, we want their ideas, we want their hard stories, we want their happy stories,” said senator Emily Gribble. “We want every experience that City College has offered them and bring it to the National Capital.”

During the trip, senators would have the opportunity to meet with Senator Dianne Feinstein, who the student senate has been in contact with. They would also voice the students’ concerns on the American College Promise Proposal, a bill that could lead to free tuition at community colleges.

“Education is no longer a gift, it is a right,” Gribble said .

The conference would also include a the chance to rally on Capitol Hill, tour the White House and keep up on presidential elections.

However, some of the members are still on the fence about the trip and the cost associated. Senators such as President Isaac Eaves and Student Trustee Tyler Gibson have concerns that they can gain the same benefits with a less expensive trip to the state capitol Sacramento.

“There will be a petition,” Eaves said. “I don’t want to do it unless the students are okay with it.”

Any final decisions will be made next Friday at 9 a.m. in Campus Center Room 223.