Student senate unites with UCSB for volunteer event in Isla Vista


MAC WALBY, Channels Staff

Members of the Associated Student Government will be working with volunteers from UCSB

and the community to coordinate Meet Your Neighbors day on Saturday, Oct. 18th.

Hosted by the Isla Vista Parks and Recreation, the event will feature nine different meet-up spots

for local residents. The sites will have food from local companies, including the Isla Vista Food

Co-Op, as well as games and activities for residents that attend.

ASG President Gracie Maynetto described it as “an event to help bring the community together.”

In the wake of the recent tragedy, along with the perception problems plaguing Isla Vista, the

community has been making a strong effort to band together to change the way Isla Vista is

viewed from the outside. Multiple taskforces and community meetings have been established in

recent months, with members from both UCSB and City College’s student governments getting


The events will start around 1:00 p.m. in the nine meet-up locations. At 4:00 p.m., the groups

will all merge at Anisq’Oyo’ Park for a concert with local music and food. The webpage for the

event says their mission is “to form a common respect and appreciation for the community and

all of its residents.”

“They would like it to be an alternative to what students would normally do,” said Maynetto.

The idea being that if they can bring the community together for activities outside of drinking

and partying, the perception of student life can start to change from the bottom up.

ASG Advisor Allison Curtis said the hope for the event is to bring out people “to meet your

neighbors, understand safety, and make connections,” for members of the community.