IDC winter renovation, food in classrooms discussed

Scott Buffon, News Editor

The IDC renovation proposed for this winter holiday inspired a conversation about the food in classrooms at City College.

Director of Facilities Julie Hendricks spoke about the new paint and carpet refurbishing on the 2 lower floors of the IDC at the Facilities Subcommittee. The work will span the entire winter holiday.

The top floor could not be finished in the short time frame, so it will be remodeled in the winter of 2014-15.

“There’s a lot of work to put into a very small time frame,” said Hendricks.  “[The IDC] badly, badly needs it. This will be a wonderful upgrade throughout the facility.”

Pueblo Construction, Inc., who won the bid for the remodel at $99,913, was not represented at the meeting and has not worked for the college before.

“It’s a really good bid,” said Hendricks. “They do a lot of public work. They really wanted to work for us and show their ability, so that’s always a great start.”

The idea of keeping these renovations in good condition inspired talk of how to get students, faculty and staff to respect their buildings.

“There will need to be leadership on this issue,” said Economics Professor Peter Naylor at the meeting. “Business does not allow any food or drink, but we have another department that has tea parties!

“The kids are getting a very mixed signal. If we have a policy let’s all abide by it otherwise get rid of it.”

Other people at the meeting believe that if the facilities are well kept, then people will feel more obligated to leave them that way.

“If you have a deteriorating campus, with deteriorating buildings, your students don’t respect them,” said Board of Trustee Marianne Kugler. “If you have the type of campus this crew is working for, you have a lot less trouble with messy students.”

With 20,000 students and several-hundred faculty members, policing students about leaving food in class would be harder than it sounds according to Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin.

“I pick up trash every time I walk around,” said Gaskin. “I know our grounds crew does as well, but I think we have to instill a sense of caring about your home away from home.”

The subcommittee was in support of the refurbishing proposal and it will be brought to Board of Trustees at a later meeting.