Surveyed community would vote yes for potential bond measure

Scott Buffon, News Editor

City College administration hired two firms to survey the community about their perception of the college and a potential bond measure for the upcoming Proposition 39.

Edward Lews Group and EMC Research was hired to gather the information. The Oakland based companies surveyed 601 people from Santa Barbara County, asking the sample if they would vote for a $198 or $310 million bond.

The data shows that 68 percent of those surveyed said they would vote yes or lean towards voting yes for either bond amount.

“We basically asked the question the way it might appear on the ballot,” said Ruth Bernstein, principal at EMC Research. “We do see support for a potential bond measure.”

The bond money would be used to fix deteriorating campus buildings. The complete plan is estimated at $300 million.

“We need to remove our portables and build campus buildings,” said Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin. “The facilities are quite old, they’re in need to modernize and update the facilities.”

The surveyors were hired in 2007 to survey the community about Measure V. Measure V passed in 2008, granting the campus $77.2 million.

The consulting firm suggests that City College plan the bond sizing and priorities based upon the community’s responses. This would include removing hazardous materials from old buildings, replacing old and damaged classrooms, and maintaining access to quality and affordable education for students.

The College Planning Council is currently prioritizing which projects need the most attention. The Board will receive this information “later this academic year,” said Gaskin.