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City College mourns lost teachers

Dr. Judy Meyer

City College lost three of its top teachers over the summer, Dr. Judy Meyer, professor of biological sciences, and two retirees, John Diaz and Marilyn Grosboll.

Meyer, 69, passed away July 26, 2012 from an ongoing battle with cancer. Keeping her condition quiet, she kept teaching until the end and was expected to return this semester. Meyer shared her love of biology with City College students for nearly forty years.

She is well remembered by her quote “teach with love.” Meyer received several awards, including the Faculty Excellence Award in 2010-11.  She contributed to the Academic Senate and the Planning and Resources Committee and served as a lead volunteer with the American Cancer Society of Santa Barbara.

“She was respected by her colleagues and loved by her students,” said Matt Kay, Biology Professor. “She had a big mind and a big heart.”

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She was known for being poised, elegant, and always dressed to the nines. A memorial service will be held for Dr. Judy Meyer Sept. 14 at the Winslow Maxwell Overlook.

City College retiree, John Diaz, 62, passed away Aug. 31, 2012 after an extended illness. Diaz worked for the college for thirty-three years, starting as an hourly tutor in the Tutorial Center.

In 1975, Diaz became a permanent staff member and was quickly promoted to EOPS Student Center Program Advisor; working twenty one year’s counseling International students until his retirement in 2006.

Diaz served on the College Planning Council and the CSEA’s negotiation team. He encouraged those around him and had an inspiring commitment to his students.

“John was passionate about his students,” said Sylvia Suayfeta-Cortez, student program advisor. “They weren’t just students, they were John’s students.”

He was known for saying, “Even if you have ten or twenty students and only one makes it through, it’s still a success.” There will be a Memorial Service Sept. 13, 2012 at 10 a.m. at Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

If you have any fond memories of John Diaz, the campus community is invited to e-mail any stories or recollections about John to Sylvia at [email protected]. A memory book will be put together in his honor.

Marilyn Grosboll, 69, former City College Continuing Education psychology instructor, passed away Aug. 24, 2012 after a long fight with cancer. Grosboll was the college nurse from 1974 to 1980 before becoming an instructor. She retired from teaching in 2011.

“Marilyn was the most upbeat and encouraging person you could imagine,” said Steve Oserhage, executive director of family fuel. She also was widely recognized as a motivational speaker and spoke on numerous TV and radio shows.

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