Review: lets you be the reporter

Therese Loberg and Therese Loberg

Are you looking for a homepage where you can read juicy news or just watch entertaining clips posted by people around you? Then could be a webpage for you.

The main purpose for the site is to show the most important, interesting, and entertaining stories, posted by people like you.

The site is also connected to a television channel of the same name, both funded by environmental activist Al Gore. You can easily post your clips or stories on the site and then the viewers decide which clips should be aired on TV.

Personally, I think the idea of is great. It opens up opportunities for visitors that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. It’s an opportunity to show its talent to thousands of viewers.

There’s a lot of contrast when it comes to color being used in the site’s design. is almost totally based on the black and gray scale, which makes the site look sophisticated and serious.

These colors combined with news pictures and videos make the page a real joy to the eye.

The efficiency of the website is great. It is so easily oriented that even your grandma could figure out how to watch clips and read articles.

Overall this site is great to waste some time on. It lets the public release information and keep America informed on pop culture and unique news.