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International Student Ambassador constantly works to improve SBCC

Jenna McMahon
International Student Ambassador Emilie Beckman photographed on Nov. 3 at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. Beckman said she hopes to transfer to Columbia after her time here at City College.

Born and raised in Sweden, Emelie Beckman came to City College in August 2021 and is planning to graduate with a major in communications this spring.

On campus she wears many hats staying constantly involved with the community and different clubs.

Beckman is the president of Phi Theta Kappa and Sigma Chi Eta, she is an international student ambassador, a Unibuddy ambassador, the Commissioner of International Student Affairs for the Associated Student Government, a student worker for the study abroad program, is in the honors program and is on the committee for appointing the new superintendent president. She also attends the college planning council meetings, has been helping the Muslim student association club and is working on creating a prayer and meditation room on campus. 

Coming to City College, Beckman was inspired to help improve the school.

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“In Sweden, we don’t have that opportunity in school… so when I moved here I knew I wanted to be super involved,” Beckman said. “I just realized that there are so many gaps within the school and I figured out that I can actually contribute and make it better.”

Of all the extracurricular activities she’s participated in, her proudest accomplishment has been winning first place at the 35th annual Lancaster speech tournament and receiving a $1,000 reward.

This was the first time the ambitious workaholic had won a competition and she had a moment of reassurance where she felt that majoring in communications was right for her.

Anthropology professor and PTK adviser Phyllisa Eisentraut has been one of her most supportive mentors at City College.

“We oftentimes have very good students as president, some of them are very charismatic and are good at motivating people but they’re not very organized,” Eisentraut said. “Emelie is the complete package, she does everything well, so I’m really exceptionally happy that she was able to step into that president role.”

Beckman prides herself in managing her heavy workload regardless of the stress it comes with at times. The moments in life that weigh her down become the reason that she challenges herself to take on all the work as it gives her the motivation to keep going. 

“I try to be very nice to myself and take care of myself, and focus on the fact that yes it is stressful but it’s something that I do love,” the multitasker said. 

Some activities she likes to do for ‘self-care’ include yoga, meditating, baking– specifically sourdough bread, reading, and hanging out with her friends as they’re her biggest support system. 

Working together in ASG, PTK, and other clubs, Beckman collaborates a lot with fellow student Lexa Welch.

“It’s nice to have someone going through what you’re going through, we’re doing it together,” Welch said. “She’s an extremely hard worker and it is inspiring, it makes me want to be better too.”

Beckman’s future plans include receiving her bachelor’s degree double majoring in communications or human rights and marketing management then completing her graduate’s degree. She then hopes to work in the United States for as long as she can, working with nonprofits like the United Nations.  

“I just want to keep going because I love what I’m doing,” Beckman said. “I feel like I’ve never been happier than I am right now.”

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