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ASG appoints 6 new members to board for the 2022-23 school year


Fresh faces and ideas were introduced to the Associated Student Government on Friday to elect members who would generate inclusivity and improve City College. 

The existing student senate held interviews with candidates for the varying positions on the board of commissioners at their Sept. 16 meeting, where interviewees voiced progressive plans that they would implement if elected. The first round of interviews concluded with the election of six new members. 

Commissioners are responsible for using their position in ASG to enhance student life, represent the student body, and delegate improvements within their respective areas. Once elected, they fulfill duties and propose ideas that correlate with their area of focus. 

Emma Safahi was elected to take on the role of Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations. She carved a clear pathway for her objectives of “creating an active and lively campus.” 

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She spoke on the importance of clubs in uplifting minority groups, inspiring inclusivity, and establishing a sense of community. Clubs give students a way to “start their own initiative, promote it, network, and meet other people,” Safahi said. 

Carys Goldsmith was elected to the position of Commissioner of Marketing after she expressed her commitment to efficient communication with the student body and proposals of activities for students in her interview. 

“It would be at the top of my list to get everyone involved and let them know there’s a place for them,” Goldsmith said. “If we had tailgates, halftime shows, if we had raffles, I think it would open that up to a larger community.”

The new Commissioner of Fundraising, Lexa Welch, proposed several events that she plans to discuss further with the board, and eventually bring to life for students. Welch suggested a talent show for the fall and a dance in the spring to accommodate students who weren’t able to attend prom in high school due to COVID-19.

Emelie Beckman was appointed Commissioner of International Students Affairs. As an international student herself, Beckman’s familiarity with the struggles of coming to America as a foreigner gives her the capacity to govern in an empathetic light. She vocalized concerns regarding the lack of a praying room available for students practicing religions that participate in daily, punctual praying.

“That’s a problem that I would really want to solve since City College prides itself in being inclusive,” Beckman said. 

Friday’s meeting also enacted the election of Nicholas Hernandez to Commissioner of Accessibility, and Elizabeth Wilmer to Secretary. 

Final interviews will take place at the next ASG meeting on Friday, Sept. 26 to fill the remaining positions on the board with students who will initiate change at City College.


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