Charlotte Donnay Rochard — student presidential candidate

JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

Electrical engineering major Charlotte Donnay Rochard is running for student president with the goals of increasing the library hours and making the campus more sustainable.

Charlotte Donnay Rochard, running for student senate president.
Isabelle Sinibaldi
Charlotte Donnay Rochard, running for student senate president.

The second year student from France got the motivation to run as an effort to give back to the campus because of how influential the teachers and students have been throughout her time here.

“I’ve learned a lot here but as a STEM major, I know that all STEM students could use more opening hours at the library,” she said. “We do a lot of good work, we just need more time to do our work.”

Donnay says that the library is her main goal for the year and she will try her best to work with other officers to make it happen.  

Through her participation in the Student Sustainability Committee and the Food Committee on campus, Donnay believes her involvement will help her improve the campus.

“I am vegan so I would really like to work with [Food Services] to make suggestions to improve the vegan options,” she said.

She also hopes to raise awareness of more sustainable ways of transportation in efforts of improving the current parking situation.