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Enthusiasm club challenges social dynamics on campus

One of the newest and perhaps most unique clubs at City College is the Enthusiasm Club. Judging by the name, some might picture its meetings with members shouting with excitement, but the club’s goal is to raise confidence in students and encourage them to get out of their comfort zones.

“The club is meant to inspire and motivate people to have wonderful lives,” said freshman Justin Castro. He started the club as a way to make friends after he realized that most people on campus were too busy looking down at their phones to know how to have a genuine conversation with someone.

“The Enthusiasm Club supports you to be yourself and express yourself to other people,” said club member Daphne Verschore.

At an average club meeting, club members begin by watching a “Ted Talks” video followed by a discussion. After that, they go over their weekly “Comfort Zone Challenge.”

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Castro started the challenges as a way to get students to do things that are outside of their comfort zone to build up their confidence.

Past challenges have been activities such as laying on the ground for 30 seconds, making eye contact for ten seconds with strangers and facing rejection by asking random people for things until they are rejected ten times.

The club’s members have certainly enjoyed their time in the club and feel as though they have benefited greatly from what the club has to offer.

“I joined because I thought it was a great way to spread good vibes,” said former club member Maggie Cabrera. “The club truly does benefit anyone involved.”

The club is focused on having fun and creating strong social bonds. The club has hosted Nerf wars and a free hug day. Club members even spent a week exploring Santa Barbara together.

Castro does not believe in heavily advertising the club, which is why the club was absent from this semester’s Club Day. He believes the best way to spread awareness of the club is simply by word of mouth and motivates members to speak to strangers.

If you are seeking enthusiasm and good vibes, the Enthusiasm Club meets at 2:30 p.m. every Thursday in Campus Center Room 216. You can also stay updated with the club’s events through its Facebook page.

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