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A Club Called Marmalade brings jams to connect SBCC musicians

New visitors at A Club Called Marmalade will barely make it past the doorway of the meeting room before seeing up to 20 faces smiling up at them.

Amongst an array of friendly greetings, they may be asked their name, favorite song, favorite musician or an interesting personal fact.

“Anyone can just show up and jam with us, or just hang out and listen to the music,” club president Edwin Carabez said.

The music building’s practice room has high ceilings and an open floor, allowing space for musicians, their instruments and spectating students to form a big circle.

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Club member Grey Ingersoll said he most enjoys the freedom of the club.

“We’re playing what we want to,” he said. “Most of us come from a jazz background, so we’re playing standards. But a lot of us are interested in playing hip hop and instrumental beats.”

The club, which formed this semester, primarily consists of students interested not only in hanging out and making music, but also networking with each other and other local musicians.

It began with a group of friends who had a hard time finding a place to jam out in their tight and quiet apartments, said Carabez. Since then, it’s expanded to 10 official members, with up to 20 people coming to meetings to check it out or just enjoy some live music.

The club’s name, A Club Called Marmalade, is a play on the word “marmalade” for “jam.” The phrase “jam enjoyed through your ears” is written around the logo on the club’s pin.

Carabez said his goal as club president is to help collect and organize the abundance of musical and creative talent at City College outside of the classroom setting, as well as facilitate the formation of new groups and performance events.

“There is a lot of really good musical talent here,” Carabez said. “Since the club started, members have been able to form groups and book professional gigs around town.”

Carabez plans to make the club more performance based and hopes to see the club expand past the sole focus of music by incorporating comedy, poetry, art and other forms of creativity.

As of now, the club is able to provide a drum set, amplifier and acoustic guitar. Carabez recommends participants bring their own equipment. In the future, he expects the club will be able to provide more equipment.

The club is open to all students, whether they are musicians of any level or not musicians at all. Club meetings are monthly at 1 p.m. Fridays in Drama Music Building Room 105. Carabez said he plans to host weekly meetings in the future.

The date of the next meeting is to be determined, but a group of students from the club will perform at 7 p.m. April 14 at Taffy’s Pizza Parlor at 2026 De La Vina St.

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