Incident Report – Sexual act and pot plants uncovered

Amanda Jacobs, Amanda Jacobs, and Amanda Jacobs

April 7

At noon, campus security received a report regarding a possible lewd act in the men’s P.E. locker room. An employee at the women’s locker cage relayed the information to security from a student who made the observation. It was reported that a large man was showering for around 30 minutes while playing with himself. When security responded they found an Asian male in his 50s showering.

In the report, Director of Security Erik Fricke wrote, “When I approached the individual, the first thing I observed was that he had hold of his penis in one hand and was moving his other hand around as though he was trying to direct water to his penis.” Security reported that his penis was not erect.

The officers told him to put clothes on and questioned him. The man told security that he wasn’t committing a lewd act and he was holding his penis because he is not circumcised and has to pay attention to cleaning under the foreskin. He was previously enrolled in a P.E. class, and was informed only students are permitted to use the locker room.

April 8

At 11 a.m. security got a report that a male student found his car burglarized. In the report the student said there were scratches on his car and it appeared that a Slim Jim was used to open the door. The burglar popped his trunk and stole his laptop and digital camera out of it. He said the burglar must have seen him place the items in his trunk. About $2,400 of material was stolen.

Campus security stopped two men at 2:15 p.m. who had been reported drinking. When asked to show what was in the bag they were carrying one man pulled a bottle of Pepsi and a bottle of vodka. Both former students denied drinking and said they had just purchased the bottle. Security officers said they didn’t seem to be physically impaired and confiscated the bottle.

At 2:30 p.m. security officers received a report of a distressed female being followed by four males near the Student Services building. A woman reported seeing another student arms crossed tight. The report said, “She thought that by the way the female was behaving she might have been a victim of a gang rape.” Security searched around the area and didn’t see anything suspicious.

April 9

A groundskeeper reported finding two marijuana plants in pots at 10:30 a.m. on the West Campus bluffs. They were both around 12-inches tall and were placed in the bushes approx. Twenty feet away from the fencing. The plants were destroyed.