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SBCC student found dead after overdose in Isla Vista apartment


September 9, 2016

A City College student was found dead in her apartment last Tuesday evening from an apparent heroin overdose in Isla Vista, California. Asha Marie Malocsay, 18, from Livermore, California was found unconscious on Sept. 6 in ...

For some, terrible addictions start with doctor’s prescription

JON VREELAND, Channels Staff

February 15, 2016

It’s called “chasing the dragon,” for some college students it is the deadliest pastime since Russian Roulette. This is the uncanny ritual of the non-needle using junky who only uses heroin by inhaling a trail of smoke sliding down a tray of alumi...

Addium, the new cup of coffee?

ERIK OEHRSTROEM, Channel's Staff

February 20, 2015

The nonmedical use of prescription drugs for cognitive performance is not a secret on campus, except for the new legal alternatives, which could possibly be a healthier solution. When starting college, it did not take me long...

City College attempts to initiate harm reduction in Isla Vista

MAC WALBY, Channels Staff

October 24, 2014

City College is aggressively attempting to tackle the issues of student life, and has appointed the Chair of the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Department Gordon Coburn as liaison for the college's response to tragedies and overall...

SBCC begins suspending students for off-campus crimes


September 19, 2014

Off-campus crimes may lead to suspension— if you’re an immediate threat to personnel on campus. Students may not be conscious of contracts they agree to abide by throughout City College’s initial registration process. ...

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