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Student senate discuss possible alternatives to Deltopia partying


The Associated Student Government discussed possible alternatives to this year’s Deltopia celebration at the senate meeting Friday morning.

After Isla Vista’s notoriously rambunctious street party erupted into violent riots and a flurry of tear gas and broken bottles last Spring, City College officials started exploring ways to encourage students to avoid the chaotic party.

“The leadership of the college is really looking at alternatives to big events that happen in Isla Vista,” said Allison Canning, associate dean of educational programs. “We need to understand from students what may be of interest.”

Senators suggested events such as carnivals, concerts or music festivals to deter students from Deltopia. The idea for a potential music event to attract student attention was inspired by the large music festivals offered at other California colleges.

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“I don’t know any student that wouldn’t want to go to something like that,” said Senate President Colette Brown. “It could be a major attraction.”

There would still be risks associated with hosting a concert-like event, such as sneaking in drugs or alcohol. However, at a school sponsored event this could be more closely monitored than a public gathering on Del Playa and other streets of Isla Vista.

“Realistically, people are going to drink no matter what,” said Emily Gribble, a recently appointed senator. “If it’s at a concert, then it’s definitely much more controllable.”

One of the many issues associated with Deltopia is the fact that party-goers from outside of the Santa Barbara area travel into town to take part in the annual festivities. By offering exclusive events that require a student ID for entry, the amount of out-of-town visitors could be greatly reduced, Brown pointed out.

Currently, City College only holds the power to administer a plan that they hope will control some of the chaos, as well as attempt to provide alternative options for students.

Members of the senate would like their fellow City College classmates to keep an eye out for possible alternative options to Deltopia and consider the potential consequences of deciding to visit the party this year.

“They are going to have fences up around IV again and they are going to have law enforcement from all around the state and from other UC and CSU campuses,” said Senator Ethan Bertrand.

He also added that there will be sobriety checkpoints and greatly reduced parking. Del Playa residents will also have to move their cars to additional parking lots and onto the UCSB campuses.

“They aren’t messing around,” Bertrand said. “They are taking control.”

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