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NFL labor dispute hogs airwaves

Dan Nelson

March 14, 2011

What would America do without football? I guess we'd have more time to watch hockey, basketball and the MLB playoffs. But seriously, what would we do? First of all, we wouldn't get to watch videos of the always-controversial he...

City College Roller Hockey team travels to Wisconsin for final tournament

Morgan Cullen

March 14, 2011

On Saturday mornings the young men of the City College roller hockey team pour themselves into their equipment. The squad's first ever season is wrapping up with one final tournament, the Junior College Championships in Madis...

Column: Revolution or bust

Travis Pastori

March 14, 2011

It's hard to imagine getting up from the couch and stepping away from the television, but it's time for an American revolution. The audaciously wealthy few who have recklessly driven the planet into a brick wall are stealing...

Column: Palin’s new group only wants to derail current government

Sofia Gjerstad

November 10, 2010

As if the Tea Party wasn't lunatic enough, a group of conservative women led by Sarah Palin called the "Mama Grizzly Bears" recently entered the political scene. A "mama grizzly" is fearless and ready to fight for her ideals ...

Williams wins, ‘adds continuity’

Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer, Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer, and Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer

November 4, 2010

Democratic candidate and former City College student Das Williams topped Republican Mike Stoker Tuesday night in California's 35th District Assembly race.   "I appreciate so many of you having confidence in me," Wi...

Democrats dominate California

Lindsay Sanders , Channels contributer, Lindsay Sanders , Channels contributer, and Lindsay Sanders , Channels contributer

November 4, 2010

Jerry Brown triumphed Tuesday night in the race for governor, adding to the Democratic Party's sweep of the state's top officials.   As of The Channels' 9 a.m. press deadline, Democrat Kamala Harris holds a thin lead...

Column: Terrorist threats felt differently across the world

David Svensson, David Svensson, and David Svensson

October 13, 2010

Terrorist threats are a scary thing, and several countries in Europe have been currently facing some of the worst for the past few years. This causes not only innocent people to live in fear, but it could also hurt Europe's to...

Column: ‘Mosque’ near ground zero a sad reminder

Jessica Michaels

September 22, 2010

Usually speaking, I'm not one to engage excessively in hot political debates. I'm not one who would be seen out on the streets voicing my opinion on the controversy over legalizing marijuana or immigration laws. But here I am, ...

Twitter becomes tool for SBCC marketing students in Central Europe

Camilla Anderson

September 15, 2010

For many students, studying abroad is nothing but a remote dream, but this summer it became reality for 26 marketing students as they were sent to Europe for four weeks of study. To apply to the program the students were required...

Column – Smoking out state policies

Travis Pastori and Travis Pastori

February 2, 2010

Has California gone mad? Can't its residents understand the consequences of legalizing marijuana? It's almost too late to do anything to stop it. Californians are most likely going to have a chance to vote this November on ...

The Channels wins three national awards

Channels Staff and Channels Staff

November 1, 2009

AUSTIN - For the first time in its 51-year history, The Channels Newspaper was awarded two national Pacemaker awards from the Associated Collegiate Press - the Pulitzer Prize for American student journalists - for both its pr...

Swine flu flying around county

Zac Estrada and Zac Estrada

October 21, 2009

City College is increasing defense against forms of the flu this year, in hopes that most students and staff members can escape the virus. The Health Services Center and other administrative departments are stepping up efforts...

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