City College Roller Hockey team travels to Wisconsin for final tournament

Morgan Cullen

On Saturday mornings the young men of the City College roller hockey team pour themselves into their equipment.

The squad’s first ever season is wrapping up with one final tournament, the Junior College Championships in Madison, WI.

“It doesn’t matter where it is, we’re going to win it,” goaltender Dustin Skipworth said. “There’s no point in going into a tournament thinking you’re going to get second or third.”

Skipworth, born in Perth, Australia, is a valuable import that once represented Australia in the World Junior Hockey Championships.

“I don’t even know where Wisconsin is,” added Skipworth.

Confidence is high among the players, but the financial aspect is a pressing concern. City College provided $300 for the team, but beyond that everything is out of pocket from the players. The trip to Madison will cost approximately $600 per player for the flight, lodging and fees.

“It is huge for us to be able to go, I definitely want to make the most of it and win it,” Paul Linder said, the teams forward and top goal scorer.

The plan to raise the remaining funds includes going door-to-door for donations.

“We just really want to raise money to cover the expenses of teammates who are putting themselves through college,” said Chaz Donati, the co-founder of the team.

The other founding member, Ramsin Jacob, left the team making Donati the captain, general manager, accountant and sole coach.

“It hasn’t been an easy season,” said Donati. “The team didn’t really come together until the last two tournaments.”

“It’s hard when you’re not a 79-year-old coach,” said Donati. “Some of the guys are older than me. They don’t like listening to me.”

Despite only competing together for since fall, the team managed to finish second place in its division.

With fluid plays, raw talent and an impending struggle, the scenario can’t help but resemble a hockey film, hopefully with a victorious ending.

The Junior College Championships take place on April 6.