Williams wins, ‘adds continuity’

Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer, Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer, and Michael Galsterer, Staff Writer

Democratic candidate and former City College student Das Williams topped Republican Mike Stoker Tuesday night in California’s 35th District Assembly race.


“I appreciate so many of you having confidence in me,” Williams said at a party held in a crowded Victoria Court on State Street.


Williams is determined to create jobs by investing in new technologies and industries, while Stoker recommended cutting 20,000 government jobs, 6 percent of the state labor force.


“Certain things must be priorities,” said Williams. “We need to focus on the public education system, and the next generation of jobs.”


Williams’ election continues district control by the Democratic Party, having held the seat since 1998. Williams replaces Pedro Nava, who was unable to run due to term limits.


“No candidate could have had better supporters,” Stoker said at his party at the Brewhouse. “I can’t say I didn’t run a good race.”


Before the election, City College Political Science Professor Dr. Manoutchehr M.Eskandari-Qajar commented on the race.


“Das Williams was a former student of mine. He’s familiar with politics,” said Professor Eskandari-Qajar. “Santa Barbara is very democratic. If he replaces Pedro Nava, he would add continuity.”


Williams took Santa Barbara County with 33,088 votes for 52.4 percent while Stoker received 29,887 votes for 47.33 percent.


The district’s lines also include Ventura and part of Oxnard. Williams received 53.8 percent of the votes with 57,173 and Stoker came in with 46.2 percent, tallying 49,194 votes in the district.