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SBCC Dance Company’s festival brings talented dancers together

Cory Cullington
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As lights dim on a sold-out theater, dancers in flowing green dresses step into view and the show begins. Earthy and ethereal music fills the room as they dance across the stage, wonderfully cohesive and eye-catching. The Santa Barbara City College Dance Company’s “Foam” was the first of many talent-filled performances.

On Friday, Nov. 18, and Saturday, Nov. 19 City College hosted its seventh annual Collective Collaborative Festival at the intimate Center Stage Theater. 

Artistic Director of City College’s Dance Company Tracy Kofford introduced the show and his energy was felt throughout the room as he chatted with friends and thanked supporters. 

He created the festival to bring talented dancers together and support small dance companies from Santa Barbara and around Southern California. By offering free resources and a chance to present their works, Collective Collaborative creates a diverse and inclusive space for local dancers.

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With a focus on modern dance, each performance was unique and showcased the featured companies’ different styles. City College performed four pieces, while other companies showcased one or two.

After City College’s opening work, “Carmen Inspires” was performed by Jess Harper and Dancers. Dancer Ambria Shields was theatrical and regal, performing in front of a red backlit screen. This dance was one of the more fast-paced pieces with intense music and impressive movement by the solo dancer. 

Selah Dance Collective had a very distinct style, performing “Rogue Planets” and “Reverie.” The dancers were dressed in a neutral palette that highlighted their graceful movements throughout both pieces. In “Rogue Planets,” they did a great job of utilizing the entire stage to create an interesting space and emphasize juxtaposition between dancers.

“Carried” by Akomidance was dystopian and primal. The storytelling of the piece was well done and the dancers’ intensity was felt throughout the room. 

Jazz Spectrum Dance Company’s “A New Day” began with a single plastic chair onstage which dancer Karli Padilla used to enhance movement throughout the piece. 

City College dancers Adrián González and Katie Evans performed in “Linger,” a beautiful duet complete with red outfits and soft shadows cast onto the stage. The piece seemed slow and calculated, emphasizing the dancers’ graceful movement and romantic embraces.

“Cui Bono?” performed by City College featured dancers in what looked like scrubs with a large group dancing in unison as others would break off and dance in pairs. The piece ended with a pair still dancing while three others were dragged across the stage.

“The Entirety Of Us” by the University of California, Santa Barbara, Dance Company stood out from the other works with the use of vibrant colors and upbeat music. The dance itself was very unique and the dancers’ movements were doll-like and funky. 

“Sandpiper” opened with a tangle of bodies in the corner of the stage moving together and appearing to breathe. They crawled across the stage as a man’s voice played in the background, moving as a unit until they stood up and began to dance. Artistic and odd, the piece showcased City College’s talent well.

The show ended with Jess Harper & Dancers’ performance of “Rinse, Renew, Repeat,” a piece with a strong thematic element and talented dancers. 

The audience was left in awe, discussing their favorite moments as they left the crowded theater.

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