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Reasonably priced 2014 car reviews: Fiesta, Yaris, Jetta

Reasonably priced 2014 car reviews: Fiesta, Yaris, Jetta

2014 Ford Fiesta

Reviewed by Scott Buffon

Stars 3,5

My first thought while staring at the strip of royal blue lights bordering the inside of the cup-holders was, “Wow, those cup-holders are looking mighty lonely.”

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But take pride in the fact that you won’t in a new 2014 Ford Fiesta! This car has so much personality you might get lost in its headlights.

With a starting price of $14,000 and 27 to 38 miles-per-gallon on the S model, this is designed for those of us who like to be practical but fashionable.

Also keep in mind the Fiesta’s warranties for 36,000 miles bumper to bumper and 60,000 miles powertrain and roadside assistance warranty. The car salesman pitched the roadside assistance warranty with the truly American concept of never having to leave your car to get your tire replaced.

Not all reviews are positive; many on the Internet say before it hits 1,000 miles the transmission begins to make incurable noises. After reviewing multiple review sites the Fiesta seems to be a hit or miss after you drive off the lot.

The car drives like a dream, and responds to the slightest twist of your wrist. The heated seats that came on the Titanium edition were a hot item for my first test drive.

I had to stop myself from getting a drink at the nearest McDonalds to see my favorite cup-holders in action. As any Isla Vista aficionado can tell you, every fiesta has an end, and this Ford lot closes at 8 p.m.

2014 Toyota Yaris

Reviewed by Rachel Zemanek

Stars 4

When I got in the car, the salesman was very sweet with his fact spewing but the thing that stood out to me was that this little mousey car has nine airbags.

Now that I knew I’d be cushioned if a semi-truck crushed me, I took the frisky little 2014 Yaris on a test drive.

Although it doesn’t have much power, the Yaris is ideal for driving around sunny Santa Barbara, especially on those days when you’re stuck in parking lot traffic at City College.

With the great price of $16,130, college students get a great deal. Toyota offers the Toyota College Graduate Finance Program, which means no money down and no monthly payments for the first 90 days on select vehicles. Luckily, the Yaris is one of those select few.

You also get a $750 rebate when you purchase or lease a Toyota Camry, Corolla, Matrix, Prius c, RAV4 or Tacoma. Unfortunately, the Camry Hybrid models are not included in this deal.

Hurry though!

This deal for college students only goes until Sept. 30, 2013.

Albeit very comfortable and with a stellar sound system, this miniature front wheel drive car won’t be the best choice when you graduate and drive home. If you are from a place with snow or any amount of severe weather, this isn’t your vehicle.

It may zip around town with an average of 34 miles-per-gallon, but it would zip you right into a ditch in more than a foot of snow.

2014 Volkswagen Jetta S

Reviewed by Antonio Salcido

Stars 3,5

The Volkswagen Jetta has created a name for itself as being a popular car amongst students and the 2014 Jetta is no different, literally.

The Jetta S model has essentially remained the same since its debut in 2011, perhaps on the logic of “why change a good thing?” It gets an average of 27 miles-per-gallon, has six airbags and starts at $16,720.

The exterior is a combination of gentle curves and sleek lines that give off an impression of high-class. At the same time, remaining youthful enough from looking entirely like something your parents would drive.

The interior is not lavish by any means. Straight forward with no nonsense seems to be the design element. This minimalist approach makes the driver feel more in a car and less in an airplane cockpit. Also featuring roomy back seats and more cargo space than any other vehicle in its class; topped off with a three year warranty, makes road trips ideal.

The ride was smooth but lacked the power I was hoping for, which seemed to make the upgrade to the SE with its turbo charged engine, worth the $2175. The car handled well and felt solid enough stand up to gusts of wind.

All in all, it is a decent car, but the lack of alteration from previous years make looking at older models a viable option.

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