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MTD anticipates new bus tracking system by end of year


The Metropolitan Transit District will install a bus tracking system that allows bus riders to track their line by the end of the year.

Other improvements to lines, such as the frequently traveled 15x and 24x buses, were discussed at Friday’s student senate meeting.

“These decisions are based off of ridership, demand, etcetera,” said George Amoon, MTD planning manager.

Amoon, alongside general manager Sherrie Fisher, discussed plans to make riding the bus a better experience for everyone.

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“We are considering bringing the accordion buses back to the 15x and the 24x,” Amoon said. “They can hold up to 50 percent more people.”

Both lines may also see additional regular service buses added by late summer.

Although the MTD representatives didn’t go into much detail on the new bus tracking system, they did mention that it would either be in the form of an app or a website you could visit.

“We are a little behind the times,” said Fisher. “This project will cost up to $1 million and we are a small company.”

Student Senate President Ellie Katzenson brought up the results of a survey put out by the senate.

“A lot of students want to see more bike racks,” Katzenson said. “Especially on the crowded lines.”

Fisher responded by mentioning that vehicle code doesn’t allow for racks that hold more than two bikes.

Katzenson also voiced her concern that bus service for the line 15x ends at 9:15 p.m. and many City College students have class until 10 p.m.

Fisher and Amoon concluded their presentation with promising news for buses around UCSB.

“They [UCSB] are building a lot of new housing out there,” Fisher said. “They’re going to be providing funding for more bus services as well as a new line.”

Line 38, supported by UCSB, will provide service from the Camino Real Marketplace, through Isla Vista and to UCSB.

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