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Quarantine fitness: Ways to stay in shape while sheltering in place

Sarah Maninger
A yoga mat is one of the core pieces of equipment used in many workouts, while dumbbells of any weight can be used to make workouts more difficult and strengthen specific muscles. Resistance bands are best for lower body workouts and stretching.

With the gyms closed and the treadmills quiet, people all over the country are left wondering how they can work out without compromising the health and safety of themselves and others as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. 

Gyms are one of the most common places where germs can spread, and were one of the first businesses to shut down once the threat of the coronavirus grew in the United States. 

Now members of these gyms and athletic clubs are left wondering; what now? 

Getting regular exercise is vital while in quarantine because it can provide an hour or two of productivity during an otherwise quiet day.

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So how can you workout while still practicing social social distancing? Give these quarantine-approved routines a try. 

Go for a run

Alright so this one is pretty obvious, but a good-old run is a tried-and-true way to exercise. For some, running is easy and is how they de-stress. For others, running is the most aggravating thing in the world. Whatever your opinion on running may be, there are ways to make it fun. Before going on a run, find the prettiest spot within a mile or two of your home. The best way to ensure that you’ll never want to go on another jog is by taking a boring route. Finding beauty in whatever city you’re in is one of the biggest perks of running, and makes the whole process surprisingly enjoyable. 

Take an online yoga class

Many gyms offer regular yoga classes ranging from easy to very difficult, accommodating all members of various ages and capabilities. Though we can’t physically go to our favorite classes, taking a yoga class at home is actually one of the easiest workouts you can do. All you need is a yoga mat (or a good towel) and the internet.

Corepower yoga offers a variety of free classes at different levels with their Yoga On Demand service, with the option to get access to over 250 classes for 20 dollars a month (about the same as a drop-in class at most gyms). 

If you’re new to yoga and don’t want to commit to an online subscription, Youtube is the place to go. Two of the many channels with classes are Yoga with Adriene and lululemon. Both of these channels have classes for all levels, whether you want a high-intensity sculpt class or a routine that focuses more on stretching and meditation. 

Focus on a specific part of the body with curated workouts on your phone

Is it leg day, but you can’t get to the gym? Good news is there are a ton of free/subscription-based apps available for workouts of all kinds. Like online yoga classes, these apps have workouts ranging from easy to insanely tough. 

Not all of us have a full gym in our basement but Nike Training Club, which offers both free and premium subscriptions, has a wide range of routines that don’t require any equipment. If you happen to have a set of dumbbells, break them out to make any of these workouts more difficult. 

Unlike a typical yoga sculpt class, apps like NTC provide routines for specific parts of the body as well as cardio or strength-training workouts. 

Though many of the classes and workout apps don’t require equipment, investing in a set of weights (usually between 10 and 30 dollars) and resistance bands is a good idea, should you decide to drop the online classes and workout on your own. 

Ditch the car, hop on a bike

With more coronavirus cases confirmed everyday, staying home is the biggest priority, but that isn’t always possible. Getting out and getting active either by yourself or with those you’re quarantining with can help ease the cabin fever. Hoping on a bike and running any essential errands you might have makes it so that you can get your heart rate up while also getting things done. The lack of carbon emissions from driving is just an added bonus. 

Peloton bikes are a ton of fun but nothing beats the real thing. 

So before you rush to binge watch Tiger King or a season of The Office, take some time to focus on yourself by getting in a good workout. 

And then, by all means, empty your Netflix queue. 


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