Kinesiology class helps students through movement, exercise


Kailey Wilt

Sandrine Krul, head coach of the City College women’s basketball team, has led the team to a 20-win season four different times and has been named conference coach of the year on two separate occasions on Saturday, April 23, at the Lifetime Fitness Center at Santa Barbara City College. Krul is a teacher in the Lifetime Fitness Center which aims to improve the health, fitness and well being of students all ages and abilities.

SOPHIE ZARA, Channels Staff

Sandrine Krul, head coach of the women’s basketball team and assistant physical education instructor at City College, motivates her students to find happiness through movement.

Krul said she works with her students to create a plan to help them reach their individual health goals.

“My proudest moments are when a student in my P.E. class tells me she or he has transformed their life because they started moving,” said Krul. “There is no dollar amount in the world that you could give me that matches that satisfaction.”

Krul has worked with students who suffer from depression because they were teased about their weight. She claims even those over the age of 50 have gained significant inner strength since getting their bodies moving on their own terms.

“Everyone should participate in any P.E. class,” said Krul. “Because research shows that improved cardio vascular function through exercise improves mental acuity.”

Krul’s lecture class on Kinesiology delves deep into human movement. It is the theoretical and academic framework of the profession and how that correlates to physical movements in terms of biomechanics, motor development, philosophy of movement and the behavioral and sociological foundations.

“I am privileged to teach a lecture class on human movement because than I am being able to take knowledge into an activity class and help people sweat and smile through movement,” said Krul.

Kathy O’Connor, associate professor of health and physical education, and others in the department, have paved the way for Krul to be able to help any student move safely and effectively.

“When a student first wants to become fit, they automatically think they have to lose weight,” said Krul. “I say lets meet in the [Lifetime Fitness Center] and I talk to them about applying the trans-theoretical model to their goals first.”

According to Krul, the model is a five-step process any student can apply once they know what their goals are and where they need to transform negative behavior into a positive behavior. This model is not just about changing one habit to adhere to exercise, it is about transforming students lifestyles to becoming physically fit, not just losing weight.

“Whether you are at the gym or at home, she’s a big advocate for total body training,” said Michelle Herrera, a sports management major. “You’re in the best shape of your life in her program.”

Krul reminds students that the process does not happen overnight. Once students communicate their goals, Krul then sets up a plan. Students can sign up for a physical education class, a yoga class, a surfing class, a spinning class and a cardio boxing class.

“I reassure them that it is not a ‘one-size fits all’ plan and we have to figure what’s best for them regardless of their shape, their size, and weight,” Krul said.

Krul will wrap up the spring semester by continuing to help people learn to love themselves, improve their health and their mindset.