Vaqueros end week with perfect record


Justin Covington

Mark Jebbia dives and safely reaches first base during the game against L.A Harbor on Feb.16, 2013 at Pershing Park.

Rachel Zemanek, Sports Editor

City College baseball hit another game out of the park Saturday, Feb. 16 vs. L.A. Harbor with a final score of 18-1.

The Vaqueros ended the week with a perfect winning record, besting both West L.A. and L.A. Harbor Colleges. Finishing the first inning 5-0 fired up the team for a great game.

“We came out ready to play,” said head coach Jeff Walker. “From the first pitch we had our energy and were excited.”

The Seahawks changed the pitcher six times throughout the game. After beating Santa Ana College Friday, Walker said after three games this week the Seahawks were a “little thin on pitching.”

City College didn’t let the pitching changes affect their batting as they held the Seahawks to a 10-0 lead until the 6th inning. The only run scored by the Seahawks was a forced run off a walk by pitcher, Tyler Gilbert (12).

“We bounced back from our four losses,” said Gilbert. “It was a strong week.”

The Vaqueros kept the bats swinging even though a fight between several homeless people that broke out in Pershing Park. Police, Campus Security, an ambulance and Park Rangers arrived at the scene during the 7th inning.

Last year, the baseball team had more than one problem with the homeless population in Pershing Park. One incident involved a woman threatening to hang herself from one of the large trees as the baseball players tried to coax her down.

Through all the commotion, the Vaqueros topped the Seahawks in a blowout game. City College’s starting pitcher, Brendon Shoemake will take over the mound Tuesday as they face the Seahawks again in Wilmington Feb. 19 at 2 p.m.

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