Historic Vaquero graces new sports logo


Dan Nelson, Sports Editor

A new logo has been approved for the athletic department to City College teams a more distinct identity.

“The main objective of the logo was to get something to unify the college and the athletic department,” athletic director Ryan Byrne said.

Acting Superintendent-President Dr. Jack Friedlander, who officially approved the logo, said there was too much “variation among teams.” Consistency, a contemporary design, and choices for coaches were all goals that were achieved in the process, he said.

Karen Sophiea, director of marketing and publications, said she felt proud of the work done on the new logo.

All City College teams will be able to choose their own logo from the choices that have already been approved.

Clubs will need permission to use the logo.

The bookstore will be selling shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, water bottles and binders with the logo for the beginning of Fall 2012.