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The Channels COVID-19 coverage: reporting the news during a crisis

The Channels Opinion Pages | EDITORIAL

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, on a global scale and on an individual level.

We are forced to do more with less, and in an entirely new way.

Here at The Channels we have had to come up with creative ways to convert our classroom and newsroom into a fully functioning virtual newspaper, and although the way we are working is drastically different, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality journalism through our student-run publication.

It is our mission as an editorial board at The Channels to serve our readers with truly unbiased, objective and interesting stories that reflect the diversity of City College and the unique perspectives of students, staff and faculty during these times. 

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We are committed to this pursuit and will stop at nothing to ensure that our campus and our community is fully informed.

Distance learning won’t halt student’s aspirations, nor will it prevent leaders from making significant decisions for the future of City College. Our campus is bubbling with unique stories, and we have a responsibility to tell them.

We are also the conduit between campus governance and the public. We closely monitor the Board of Trustees, College Planning Council, Academic Senate and the Associated Student Government and we aim to relay their discussions and place them into context for our readers.

We are aware that this time is historic and what is happening in the world is unlike anything we have experienced in our lives.

The pandemic has forced everyone to take a step back from their lives and reflect on what’s important to them. Massive protests surge throughout the world, America marches toward a controversial election, and our opinions carry special weight. 

How we see the world determines how we will change it in the future, and it is our hope to provide a wealth of different perspectives and unique points of view so that everybody can decide for themselves what values they hold dear.

This semester, The Channels would like to see more letters to the editor from students, staff and everyone in-between to empower the full spectrum of voices at the college. Send in your own opinion columns—we will edit and fact check them, and publish on our website. (Click the links for information on how to submit.)

Being online has shortened the distance between the voices and the conversation. No matter where they are, anyone can share their opinion and use their voice to reach an audience. 

Behind each Zoom window and profile picture is a real person with a real story, and we want to share them.

As we begin to feel more separated from the outside world each day we spend in the confines of our homes, it becomes harder to maintain a connection with those around us and the sense of community starts to fade.

We will do everything we can to foster this healthy sense of community. Share your voices with us so we can use or platform as a space for healthy discussion about our future as a campus, city and country.

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