Editorial: The Channels unveils new branding after 2 decades

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Our new logo designed by students in James Van Arsdale’s Graphic Design II course in Fall of 2022.

Editorial Board

For the first time since the turn of the millennium, The Channels has a new logo. Kicking off 2023 with a fresh start, the goal for the new branding is to modernize our look by unveiling a new website design that displays the beauty of Santa Barbara and our spirit as a news outlet.

The Channels partnered with the Graphic Design II ( GDP212 ) course at City College, taught by James Van Arsdale, to collaborate on this project. After collaborating with The Channels Editorial Board and brainstorming throughout the fall semester, the class presented four new possible logos for the website. The design that is seen on the website as of Spring 2023 was designed by graphic design students Sophie Ashton and Elin Nyberg. We also received a professionally done extensive style guide consisting of suggested typography, emblems, icons, and other branding material to showcase our new identity, created by Leo Casso, Lukas Goodworth, Jackson Konz, Francesca Todarello, Jozef Vasquez and Jonathan Wernersson.

To start this process, the Fall 2022 Editorial Board curated a list of attributes that we wanted to see presented in our new logo. We wanted to keep the color scheme of natural blues to resemble the vast ocean that we look over every day and the clear blue skies of Santa Barbara. The gentle curve in the logo symbolizes an ocean wave that reflects our beach front campus. We also wanted to make our image appealing to our current audience and refresh an obsolete style that has been featured throughout the paper since the printed version in 2000. The transition away from the printed paper brought attention to an expired logo, which called for a replacement to coincide with an increasingly digital age.

With thoughtful deliberation, the new website design was made official on Friday, Jan. 27. Our goal for the future of The Channels is to make a name for ourselves on campus as a trusted source of local independent news for not only City College students and staff but the whole Santa Barbara community. This new beginning has inspired us to think creatively and enhance outreach to a wider audience, boost visibility, and create a fun and engaging outlet for our readers.