Student Senate votes to switch from Pipeline to Google Mail

Marissa Kochan

Last Friday the Associated Student Senate voted in favor of supporting City College’s switch from Pipeline to Google Mail.

During the public forum on Oct. 22, Director of Information Technologies Dan Watkins spoke to the senate about the benefits of switching student e-mail accounts.

“There are so many advantages GMail has that Pipeline doesn’t,” said Watkins. “A lot of students as well as faculty already have a Google account.”

City College currently uses Sun1 Messaging Services through Pipeline, which has not been as effective as it could be for students.

The switch could mean faster and more improved communication, such as instant messaging between students and faculty. Students have difficulty reaching their professors sometimes because many teachers have more than one e-mail account and do not regularly check their Pipeline e-mail.

Watkins is confident that the student body will respond positively to the switch, and that communication between teacher and student will be easier and more helpful for both parties.

Student senator Ion Buga abstained, but all other members of the Senate voted to support Watkins’ proposal.

Watkins is optimistic the Board of Trustees will approve the change in time for spring, so he recommends that those students without Google accounts prepare for the transition by getting one set up.