Police arrest SBCC custodian for theft

Travis Pastori

A City College janitor was arrested after being caught on video stealing money from professor’s offices, closing a secret two-year investigation.

Jose Luis-Rubio Montes, 45, was arrested on Friday, Oct. 15, and charged with two felony counts of burglary and one count of using a master key without permission, said Lt. Paul McCaffrey, the public information officer for Santa Barbara Police Department.

McCaffrey said that Eric Frike, head of Campus Security, called and told police they had video of Montes stealing money from faculty offices he was not authorized to enter. The total dollar amount hasn’t been determined.

Professors started complaining two years ago that money was coming up missing from their offices. So security hid video cameras in different locations. They eventually recorded Montes in the act, according the report.

McCaffrey said that the police found and arrested Montes at his car. Police also discovered a set of master keys for City College during a search of Montes’ vehicle.

“He didn’t have permission to have the keys,” McCaffrey said. “It’s not clear how he got them.”

According to the report, Montes had been working at City College for three years.