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Senate proposes allocating $1,400 to hire student videographer

The Associated Student Government proposed at its Oct. 18 meeting to allocate $1,400 from the Student Representation budget and the Student Activity budget to hire a student videographer to produce videos for marketing purposes for the senate. 

The senate has been deliberating on the allocation of $1,400 for two weeks. 

The senate’s goal in spending the money is to educate students on what the senate does and  “remind them that they have an outlet to have their student voices on campus be heard,” said Student Advisor Joshua Villanueva. 

$400 would be pulled from the student representation budget and $1,000 from the student activity budget. Students pay $5 every semester for the student activity pass and $1 every semester for the student representation fee. 

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“It is important to note that the commissioner of marketing position is not filled on the board and there is a gap in board efforts when it comes to marketing the ASG and its activities,” Villanueva said.

The senate has an estimated $43,000 per year from student activity funds and a combined $32,000 in the fall and spring semesters from the student representation fund. 

The senate said using the money to show students how they can get involved at City College is important. 

According to City College’s website, the student representation fee “supports student representatives who state positions/viewpoints before city, county, and district governments, and before offices/agencies of the city, state, and federal governments.” 

The fee is meant to support activities put on by the senate.

The student activity fee, which is only assessed to students taking on-campus classes, provides free admission to home sports games, select theatre and music events, and clothing discounts at the Campus Store and at some local businesses. 

The proceeds from this fee support student government initiatives, the honor roll reception, the outstanding student awards reception and the commencement ceremony.

Villanueva said he wants to host seven events in total that the student videographer would film. The videographer would then edit and send back clips for the senate to use for marketing purposes. 

So far, Villanueva said he would like the club mixer scheduled for 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Winslow Maxwell Overlook to be filmed. According to Villanueva, the mixer is supposed to be the biggest yet.

He also said he would like to offer a finals support event where snacks, scantrons, bluebooks and caffeinated beverages would be handed out. However, this event has not yet been pitched to the rest of the board.

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