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Graffiti, two reports of verbal harassment on SBCC campus

KATIE JAMES, Channels Staff

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Nov. 16—11:22 a.m.

Security immobilized a vehicle for misuse of handicap parking placards.

Nov. 16—1:00 p.m.

A male, who was confronted and told to leave campus by both police and campus security officers after stealing food in the two days prior, exited campus before returning less than five minutes later. He was cited for trespassing and detained by police on upper East Campus.

Nov. 19—6:30 a.m.

Security discovered graffiti on the retaining wall of Loma Alta St. under the bridge. The vandalism was unlegible and was removed by the facilities department Monday morning at a total cost of $83 including labor and paint.

Nov. 20— 2:20 p.m.

Sexually explicit comments made by a group of male students towards females walking by on West Campus were reported to the campus security office. Several of the perpetrators have been identified. As sexual harassment falls under Title IX, the case is now under investigation by the colleges Title IX officer.

Nov. 21— 2:20 p.m.

A female student reported to security in an email that Tuesday morning a man driving the opposite direction pulled up next to her as she was walking out of West Campus next to the parking lot and began screaming comments to her. When she ignored him and kept walking he turned around and started following her. She ran off campus and knocked on the door of a nearby house asking for refuge. The woman who owned the house allowed the female student to hide in her house and later drove her home. The student has filed a police report. The suspect is described as an older white man driving a dirty old white truck.

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Graffiti, two reports of verbal harassment on SBCC campus