Sewage blockage causes SBCC bathrooms to be shut down



Sewage water flowing out onto La Playa Stadium on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017, at La Playa Stadium at City College. All east campus bathrooms are closed because of the sewer blockage.

JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

Several bathrooms on east campus were shut down today at City College due to a sewer blockage.

Sewage water was flooding out by La Playa Stadium and down the hill into the parking lot. Caution tape has been wrapped around the area to keep students and faculty away from the leakage.

The Channels tried talking to the maintenance crew on the site to get more information and they declined to provide any.

The Channels then contacted the Facilities and Operations at City College, who also declined to provide any additional information. The only information provided was that it will eventually be “a-ok.”

Restrooms have just been put back in service but as of the publishing of this article, the sewage is still spread onto the cement near the stadium.

Correction: Feb. 13, 2017

A previous version of this story stated that Julie Hendricks answered the phone in the Facilities and Operations office. This updated version does not specify a name. Although the person who answered identified as Julie, Julie Hendricks no longer works at City College.