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SBCC renumbers certain English and math courses for fall 2016

Kailey Wilt

City College will renumbered certain English and math courses to better reflect if they are transferable starting at the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.

The change will help clarify if a course is applicable towards an associate degree at City College, or if it does not count for college credit.

“The numbers are being changed by the college, this isn’t to help the counselors and the change is not being made by the Academic Counseling Center,” said Oscar Zavala, department chair of academic counseling. “These classes had just become basic skill classes.”

The renumbered courses will be:

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  • English 100 becomes English 98
  • English 114 becomes English 85
  • English 117 becomes English 88
  • English 121 becomes English 89
  • Mathematics 100 becomes Mathematics 95
  • Mathematics 100N becomes Mathematics 95N

All students are required to take an assessment test before taking any English or math courses at City College. The test determines if they can take a college level course, or if they have to take a basic skill course first.

The changes will affect a large number of students because under half of students place into college level courses for both English and math, according too Assessment Coordinator Sarah Volle. In the past two years, only about one in three students tested into college level math, and only one in four tested into college level English.

The renumbering will have no effect on the course content or a student’s GPA. The courses numbered 100 and above are transferable, college level courses.

“I don’t really see the point of changing the number if it is still the same course,” said Mia Serge, a City College student. “I’m in one of the classes that’s changing and I already knew it didn’t count for college credit.”

The renumbering will help counseling be consistent across the board to show what courses are degree-transferable. The change will go into effect automatically in the fall semester and the changes will appear when registering. It will also appear on transcripts when looking at past grades.

“It isn’t really necessary to change the numbers, but it could make it easier for people to know that if it is less than 100 they won’t be able to transfer the credit,” said Serge.

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